Dear Diary - Ok, second year at college. Breaks over and it's the first day of classes. I have a heavy load of classes I've signed up for. I also signed up -again - for the cheerleading squad, and - again - I'm going to be kissing the team captain's cunt, literally.Not that I mind, really. Diana is a looker, and kissing her cunt did get me on the first squad. I just wish she weren't such a bitch, after all, some of the non-lesbians deserve to Read more [...]

My Best Friends Mom

Introduction: Best day of my life so far...   This Story is real and I will never forget the time i had with her...I lived near a private lake were only certain people in the area could use it. I was 16 years old, 5'10 brown hair and well built. Me and my friend would always go swimming in the pound on summer days. I would always make my self look good when my friends mom came out to get a tan. She was 41 years old had dirty blond hair about Read more [...]


  Zoey slowed her car to crawl as she checked the house numbers as she slowly rolled down the quiet shaded street. "Let me see now," she muttered under her breath, "115, 121, 127, ahhhhhhh, here we are, 133!" She parked her car in a under the shade of a large oak tree, and after checking to make sure that she had everything in her black attache case she headed up the front walk to the large colonial house that stood proudly amongst the large stand Read more [...]

Training Sprite 2

Introduction: Continuation of the first Training Sprite. While reading this please keep in mind two things. 1: iv never written an actual erotic story before this series. 2. because of #1 I'm open to advice and cretiques so please don't be afraid to comment. Trolling can gtfo though.   Sprite hadn't forgotten my surprise. As Sprite stood bent over legs spread there swong a simple white string swinging carelessly from her anxious rosebud hole. Read more [...]

In love with 5 pedophile Part 4

Introduction: Thanks to everybody that liked or kinda liked my story. To the asshole say I should stop or quit you can suck my dick. Anyways thanks.   In the last story Brad and Adam got caught fucking Ally and I. We were both sad that both of them were gone. Is been 3 years now. Ally and I are in the 5th grade now and it was a happy year for both of us.Over the the last 3 years Ally and I got every horny that we didnt get fucked. So in Read more [...]

Sara’s adventures in Wonderland…

Introduction: You will get nothing and like it for an itroduction just read the damn story.   Welcome my freinds and fans... This will be my CAW 11 that's XI entry, It's a little bit on the wild side... I do hope that you enjoy it and I also hope that you will read the other Caw 11 entries. Please go to the Stories forum and check them out and don't forget to vote for one of them... if not mine then one of them mostly because someone has to Read more [...]

a familiar stranger continued

Introduction: for some reason it didn't post it all...sorry   My day started out as usual with me waking up to ny lab pacing around my room. This was her choice way of waking me up. I groaned a little and got up to take hee outside. I came inside and stepped into the shower. I trembled a little as the warm water began to run over my body. My girlfriend and I had been on a break for the past three weeks due to some relationship problems and Read more [...]

Breaking out of Life, and it’s morales

  Introduction: If we could attain the things we desire, break out repetitive life style, would you do it?First story, written on my iTouch, so do try and ignore the odd typos, really shit with touch screen and I do hate auto correct. Constructive critism welcomed.If people like it enough, I will continue with many added themes I've foreshadowed but am yet to include.Humans are a race that has an endless desire. Lust, greed, as cliche as they sound, Read more [...]

Asian Dream (part 2)

  -Continued- Part 2Don't miss part 1One year later I bought a condominium and asked my Chinese lover to move in with me. After living there a month, Nikki invited a good friend from college to stay with us for a few weeks. She just moved into town and was looking for an apartment. When the day came, we went to the airport to pick her up. Her friend was named Keiko. She had a grandmother on her mother's side that was very disapointed with her parents Read more [...]

12 Grimmauld Place Harry Potter

  Ok so this is set in 12 Grimmauld Place in order of the phoenix. I'm going to take the basic setting around and then twist events to suit the story.Ron stood in the middle of Harry's with his mouth open a scarlet prefects badge in his hand. "prefect" harry said incredulously" George and Fred started cracking up with laughter as Ron passed the badge to Harry as if for confirmation that it was this point Hermione burst in "Did you get it, Read more [...]